Propane for Forklifts

Propane Forklift

Propane fueled forklifts are a common choice for warehouses, manufacturing and distribution centers. Propane gives you the speed, reliability and efficiency you need to move your products and run your business.

Fuel Refilling Options

Cylinder Exchange: Anthem Propane Exchange provides customers with flexible delivery schedules and an adequate supply of propane tanks to meet your needs. We use 33 pound aluminum propane tanks and locking cylinder cages to keep your propane tanks safe and secure. Tanks are inspected and refilled at one of our 8 refilling locations across the Northeast and in Georgia.

On-Site Cylinder Refilling: This option allows your business the flexibility of refilling your own propane cylinders on-site. This program is useful for customers who require large volumes of propane or also use gas for other small tanks within your business.

June 11th is Propane Safety Day! Click here to download our Forklift Safety Sheet for your employees.

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